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Damaged mast sees phone service lost in parts of Erris

A MAST damaged by a storm has left Three customers without service in parts of Erris.

Their plight was highlighted at a Westport – Belmullet Municipal District meeting today by Councillor Gerry Coyle who sought the local authority's help to get matters resolved.

A mast had come down at Glengad, he explained, meaning customers of Three in the area have no coverage.

It is causing huge problems, he said, and the mast has to be put up as soon as possible to get these people back online.

His colleague Councillor Sean Carey said the damage caused to the mast by the storm was affecting many people who depend on it for their service.

People cannot contact elderly parents and relatives by phone and it was an emergency that has to be repaired to get service back running in the area.

The issue is to be brought to the attention of the council's broadband officer.

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