Some of the bags filled with rubbish. Photo: Orla McShane/Twitter

Rubbish - 77 bags of it - collected in one kilometre stretch on rural Mayo road

THE extent of illegal dumping has been graphically illustrated by a group of Mayo neighbours who did a spring clean in their area.

Over a one-kilometre stretch they filled 77 bags of waste.

The issue was highlighted by Orla McShane on Twitter, who shared a number of photos with The Connaught Telegraph.

She explained how a few neighbours got together on Easter Monday to clean up their local walking route in Knockmore, which has seen high volumes of illegal dumping this past year.

“We collected 77 bags in a 1 km stretch of road - disgraceful amount of rubbish,” she said.

There was everything from nappies to irons, clothing, frying pans, new year's party decorations, floor boards, carpets, bottles, cans and general household rubbish.

Asked Orla: “What can be done to stop such a build up of illegal dumping happening again in this area?”

Another photo shared on Twitter by Orla McShane.
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