The town of Newport.

West Mayo residents to stop works on vacant properties unless issues in estate are tackled

SIGNATURES have been collected to stop works in recently acquired vacant properties in a Mayo housing development until infrastructural issues such as paths are put right.

The issues at Black Oak Rise in Newport were raised at a local municipal district meeting where it was clarified that Mayo County Council is not involved in the buying or leasing of the properties.

Councillor Christy Hyland said an investment company has acquired 14 apartments and nine houses, which were not completed by the developer.

His understanding was that they were going to do them up and the council were then going to rent them long-term.

If they were going to complete these homes, he suggested the investment company should also take on other areas in the estate such as the footpaths. There were works which needed to be completed.

The council, he said, should ensure all the planning conditions were complied with.

Councillor John O'Malley said he was contacted about the issue and that signatures were collected whereby works would not be allowed to take place until works like the paths and street lighting were dealt with.

It was 'black dark' when walking and people were concerned about safety in the area.

Councillor Gerry Coyle wondered if they was a bond, which could be used for the works.

Councillor Brendan Mulroy said funding was available for ghost estates.

Before buying homes, people should receive proper information regarding whether or not it has been taken in charge by the council, he added.

Ann Moore clarified for the members that Mayo County Council are not buying or leasing any of the properties in Black Oak Rise.

It is an approved housing body who are involved.

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