Let's get started.

New Frontiers offering a helping hand to Mayo businesses starting up

Almost everyone has thought of a promising idea and wonder if has any business potential.

That’s where it starts in New Frontiers.

GMIT iHubs run a short series of on-line workshops and mentoring during Saturdays and evenings to test drive the idea.

Then, if it looks like it has good business potential, New Frontiers provides a full start-up process with industry expertise, business mentors, GMIT Innovation Hub desk space and €15,000 grant to set the new business off to a winning start.

New Frontiers is now open, and it is free

If you are toying with an idea or you have recently started your new business, take it for a test drive at https://www.gmit.ie/newfrontiers or https://www.newfrontiers.ie

Castlebar man Rory Casey from Atlantic Photonic Solutions stated: “The programme is very well-structured and is totally market-led.

"It helps you to simplify a complicated situation like a start-up and boils it down to achievable steps.

"It uses the latest material which is top class.

"Excellent presenters and experienced advisors are available for chats and are very generous with their time and advice.

"By participating in New Frontiers, it made me think strategically instead of being swamped by operational details. I highly recommend this programme to any aspiring entrepreneur.”

What is New Frontiers?

New Frontiers provides an optimised business start-up process to entrepreneurs with innovation for large markets.

Funded by Enterprise Ireland, it is Ireland’s national entrepreneur development programme and is open to entrepreneurs in the west through the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology Innovation Hubs.

Participants can remain in their own office, enterprise centre, start-up hub, work from home and/or avail of the GMIT Innovation Hubs.

If you have an innovative business idea or you are already at an early stage of development, the New Frontiers programme can provide you with funding, help and support to accelerate your business development.

How is the programme delivered?

Over three phases, you will gain the confidence and skills to develop your business idea within a supportive and encouraging environment.

The first phase is part-time and will test the feasibility of the idea.

The second phase we support you for 6 months to work full-time on developing the new business.

€15,000 funding will be available to all eligible participants.

90% of this time is dedicated to developing the business, the other 10% is mentoring and attending workshops with industry specialists.

Office space will be an available option in the GMIT Innovation Hubs.

The third phase is full-time over 3 months, and focuses on success, growth, and investment.

How does the programme benefit entrepreneurs?

1. Expertise in all areas of business including investment, market research & validation, business model, patenting, product development, sales and marketing.

2. €15,000 grant in the second phase of the programme.

3. Mentoring from experienced business advisers and practitioners.

4. Optional Office space and other business incubation facilities.

5. Networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs and business development agencies.

6. Introductions to seed and early-stage capital investment networks.

7. Access to entrepreneurship best practice – both national and international.

8. Peer group learning from participants in this region and across the country.

9. Access to expertise in Enterprise Ireland through the Market Research Centre.

10. Expertise from GMIT and the supportive environment of the Innovation Hubs in Galway and Mayo.

What do you need?

An innovative idea.

An interest in building a new company.

With potential to create employment.

Identified an un-met need in a large market.

Have export potential.

To join phase one all you need is an innovative idea for a scalable market.

This free programme is now open - apply by May 26 at https://www.gmit.ie/newfrontiers