Emma Sherry from Foxford is in her 99th year and is pictured here on her first day out in a long time - to the hills of Foxford with her friend Geraldine Brett. Both women are fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus and really enjoyed the sunny day in the lovely scenery of the mountains around Foxford. PHOTO: ALISON LAREDO

A sunny, happy day in the Mayo outdoors

Vera Healey De Jesus and her children Leila and Keelan enjoying a sunny afternoon on Bertra beach. PHOTOS: ALISON LAREDO
Noel McNamara and his mum Lisa hadn’t been to seaside since before Christmas so they were delighted to get the chance to play on Bertra beach. The family dog Max had never been to the beach before and he loved it too.
Sunbathers soaking up the sunshine at Bertra beach after the Covid-19 restrictions changed to allow people to travel within their county after months of being restricted to just 5km from home.
Keelan Healey De Jesus enjoying splashing about in the sea at Bertra.
Edward Connor takes a minute to sit in the sunshine at the quay in Wesport.
Ava Reed was taken to the beach by her mum and granny after school. Ava, from Castlebar, was looking forward to playing on the beach after four months of being restricted to 5km from home.
The car park at Bertra beach was unusually busy as many people took the chance to enjoy the sunshine at the sea.