An aerial image of Charlestown, on the N17.

New N17 route selection impacting on planning in east Mayo

THE implications for planning along possible routes for the proposed new stretch of the N17 between Knock and Collooney has been highlighted by a local councillor.

The project has been going on a long time, said Councillor John Caulfield, and he wants to know when it might proceed.

Speaking at a local area meeting, he requested an update from Transport Infrastructure Ireland on the desired route for the N17.

The Sligo National Roads Project Office, who are leading the project, released a range of initial feasible options for potential upgrades to the N17 last October.

Public consultation on those closed in mid-January.

Councillor Caulfield said the project has 'huge implications' for all planning along the route, and all local councillors have received representations on it. He asked when was it hoped to have a date for the proposal so people who are applying for planning have some idea of when they can proceed.

People were having to defer their plans as no decision has issued on the route and some have chosen to leave the area as a result.

When can they expect a decision, he asked.

Charlestown-based Councillor Gerry Murray said elected members were in 'a state of siege' from people looking for time-frames on the next route selection round. He understood it was to be next month.

Municipal district head Mr. Padraig Flanagan said they have substantially reduced down the corridor they are keeping at the moment compared to the width it was six or 12 months ago.

An update will be provided to members on where the project is at and a time-scale.