Martin Mills and Sabrina Bourke pictured by the V-Line capsule.

You can shed 3,500 calories in 30-minute workout

By Tom Gillespie

A NEW state-of-the-art slimming V-Line centre will open at the Humbert Mall Lane, Castlebar, today Monday (June 7).

The proprietors, Sabrina Bourke, a native of Boradruma, Castlebar, and Martin Mills from Ballina, have the proud boast that a 30-minute workout in their V-Line capsules will result in the loss of 3,500 calories.

Sabrina, who has a hair salon in Ballina, found the use of the V-Line business in the north Mayo capital very good.

And she told me a lot of clients from Castlebar travelled to Ballina so she and Martin decided to open the business in Castlebar.

Sabrina explained: “The V-Line is the world’s first and only vacuum capsule with a vibrating treadmill, having a load capacity of 250kg and an elastic suspension which for the first time ensures real safety for users joints. It is one of the latest generation of devices.

“Slimming, cellulite loss and rehabilitation effects are many times faster and more effective than in traditional vacuum capsules. All this is achieved thanks to the QUATTRO system.

“You can burn up to 3,500 calories in 30 minutes of training instead of several exhausting hours in the gym. To burn a similar amount of calories you would have to spend 11 hours riding a bike.

“The satisfaction of thousands of customers confirms the effectiveness of V-Line in the battle against excess weight and cellulite.”

Martin continued: “Deep infrared heat is used successfully all over the world to treat chronic diseases and various types of injury. Infrared rays can penetrate several centimetres into fatty tissue. Infrared rays cleanse the skin and subcutaneous tissue of toxins, producing a supple, clean and healthy skin.

“The idea of beauty coming from within is very apt here since it is the new, healthy skin which replaces the old peeling skin that is poisoned with toxins.

“Regular use of the capsule also has a positive effect on cellulite reduction. Infrared rays are also used widely in medicine as a relaxant.

“There are many advantages off using the treadmill - strengthening of muscles and bones - walking and running increase the mass and degree of mineralisation of bones, making them stronger.

“Vitro-technology stimulates the body via the nerves and muscles. The vibration causes natural muscular contractions, known as unconditional reflexes.”

Sabrina continued: “During training by this method as many as 95 to 97 per cent of muscles are engaged, compared with just 40 per cent in traditional methods.

“This means that, instead of spending many exhausting hours at a traditional gym, you can obtain the same result in just a few minutes by exercising without any effort on a vitro-trainer.

“Apart from a slim figure, vibro-technology can also improve your skin, giving it the beautiful and healthy appearance that every woman dreams of. It is the world’s first and only vacuum capsule with a vibrating treadmill having a load capacity of 250kg and an elastic suspension.

“The vacuum in the Vibro-Treadmill stimulates the adipose tissue, which significantly influences the burning. Applying the vacuum allows for reducing the physical exercises and at the same time maintaining comparable fat burning.

“Vibrations strengthen the effect of the vacuum. The selection of frequency allows for the control of the adipose tissue burning and strengthening the muscles, joints and ligaments.

“Infra-red enhances the therapeutic properties of the training and multiplies the effects of vibrational training in the vacuum.

"Thanks to applying the most effective systems in the V-line capsule it is possible to train simultaneously using all the solutions: treadmill, vacuum, vibration and infrared.

“The satisfaction thousands of customers confirm the effectiveness off V-Line in the battle against excess weight achieved after 20m sessions can last for more than a year. The record total reduction is 50cm after two months training on V-Line.”

I asked why someone should train on V-Line? She responded: “Because in just a short time it will let you achieve the goal we all dream about. A trim figure and a radiant skin make anyone feel good.

“There is nothing to compare to the feeling of shedding kilograms and centimetres, and of having a well-toned skin, which determines how the world see us. Isn’t it amazing that using just one piece of equipment you can relax your muscles, shed excess weight and fight cellulite, while gaining relaxation at the same time.”

The price list at V-Line Castlebar is as follows: 1 x 30 minutes €12; 5 x 30 minutes €50 (save €10); 10 x 30 minutes €100 (save €20); 15 x 30 minutes €150 (save €30); 20 x 30 minutes €200 (save €40).

The opening hours at V-Line, Castlebar, are Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 8.30 p.m., Saturday 7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

To book an appointment, ring or text (087) 9377605 or book through Facebook V Line Castlebar.

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