A view of Altamount Street, where the former Scoil Padraig building lies vacant on the left. Image from Google Maps

Call to issue notice on derelict school site in Westport

A LOCAL councillor has questioned if a derelict site notice has been served on the Department of Education in respect of the old Scoil Padraig building in Westport.

A 'very serious situation' occurred there recently when there was a fire in the property, Councillor Christy Hyland told a local area meeting.

The fire service attended the scene and brought it under control, with Councillor John O'Malley suggesting the department should be sent the bill.

Councillor Hyland asked council management if they have served a derelict site notice on the department. His proposal that one be served was seconded.

It was, he said, a 'disgrace' the way the building has been left. It is a derelict site and it needs to be dealt with.

His colleague Councillor Brendan Mulroy agreed, saying it was only a matter of time before someone is badly hurt or killed up there.

The issue of department proposals to locate two new schools on the site - Holy Trinity NS and Educate Together - was also aired again during the debate.

Councillor Hyland questioned who had come up with this idea in the first place when it was only fit to house one school.

Councillor Mulroy said it was important the department turns this site over to Holy Trinity and let them get in there. They had been kicked around from pillar to post.

Councillor Peter Flynn said in his conversations with both schools, none of them had looked for co-location.

Members were told the decision for one or two schools on the site was a matter for the Department of Education.

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