Residents of Mayo housing estate flag health and safety concerns

Residents of Heathervale, Garryduff, Castlebar, have issued a renewed call to Mayo County Council to address a number urgent health and safety issues in their estate.

They are supported in their stand by Councillor Ger Deere.

In their letter to the council, the residents stated: "Up until recently approximately 80% of our green area was inaccessible behind ugly rusty barricades, which posed a health and safety concern.

"The residents felt these would be removed once the building site compound area was cleared, grass levelled and a secure wall and footpath built around the estate.

"Last week to our complete horror the fencing was completely removed from one side of the estate to allow for new residents to move in.

"Yet the building site compound area and the absence of a secure wall still remain an issue."

The correspondence said the green play for children to play in now includes:

1. A high large unstable area of soil with a sharp drop due to diggers removing some soil.

2. Large area of stone and piping left in pile.

3. The wall that the stone was meant to be mounted onto has numerous sharp wire attachments sticking out all along the wall.

4. Wall at the entrance has rusty metal rods sticking out.

5. There is a wide open gap of approximately two metres that allows children to run directly onto the Snugboro road from the green area. This is a bended blind area with oncoming traffic.

The letter of complaint continued: "The turning point in the existing residents' area remains unfinished and part of the site compound/ children's green play area remains barricaded with unsightly, rusty fencing.

"There is currently no turning point for vehicles and refuse collectors, forcing them to reverse the length of the road.

"We have received no communication from Mayo County Council requesting the council to take charge of the estate."

A number of other issues have been raised with the council, for which they have asked for a prompt response.

Councillor Deere said he hopes the issued are urgently addressed by the developer and the council.

The concerns have also been raised with local TD Alan Dillon.