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Concerns raised over use of jet skis on 'sensitive' Mayo lake

Concerns have been raised over the use of jet skis on scenic Lough Carra.

A statement on the Facebook page of the Lough Carra Catchment Association stated: "It's very worrying to see that jet skis are being used again on Lough Carra because the lake's aquatic ecology is far too sensitive for this type of craft.

"The lake is very low at the moment which makes it even more damaging.

"Jet skis damage the unique marl bed and the krustenstein coating of the rocks not to mention the fauna.

"In addition, there is no zebra mussel in Lough Carra and crafts that have been used on other lakes could bring this invasive species into Lough Carra which would cause irreversible damage.

"The people using these craft are clearly not aware of the damage they are doing so please spread the word.

"In 2004 it was declared illegal to use jet skis on Lough Carra."