Confirmation day for pupils of Cloggernaugh National School, Islandeady

Emaa Brosnihan with her parents Pamela and Patrick. PHOTOS: ALISON LAREDO
Evan Kerr with his mum and dad Yvonne and Justin.
Sister and brother Leah and Ryan McNamara from 5th and 6th class both making their confirmation.
The family of Moya Shaughnassy - Trisha, twins Axel and Zac, Oscar, Lara and Cleonaghna with Bambi the dog. PHOTOS: ALISON LAREDO
Charlie O’Malley with his dad Pat and mum Carmel.
Friends Conoe Dillon, Saoircha Chambers and Grace Needham.
Saoircha Chambers with her mum and dad Julia and Stephen.
Grace Needham with her parents Michelle and Pat.
Conor Dillon with his mum Samantha and dad Matt. PHOTOS: ALISON LAREDO