New legislation will clarify law on property rights for landowners in Mayo

A Mayo TD has confirmed that the government has agreed to enact a Bill which will clarify the law on how some property rights, such as rights of way, are validated and registered, providing certainty for landowners in Mayo.

Deputy Michael Ring explained: “New rules on registering easements, rights which allow the use of someone else’s property for a specific purpose, such as a right of way, were due to come into effect at the end of November.

“However, from speaking with constituents, I know that this is an issue many landowners across Mayo have been increasingly worried about due to the fact that questions remain regarding the details of the new rules.

“The government wants to provide certainty and assurance to landowners in Mayo by removing the upcoming deadline and allowing more time for consultation with key stakeholders to create a long-term and viable solution for all.

“The new changes cannot take place while uncertainty and concerns remain. Questions still exist surrounding the period of time required to make a land claim based on long use, as well as whether applicants have to give up all other potential claims when applying directly to the Property Registration Authority (PRA).

“I want to thank Minister Heather Humphreys for acting quickly on this issue by seeking and receiving Cabinet approval for this amending Bill.

"I know this week’s announcement will come as a great relief for many people across Mayo who have been worried about the impending deadline.”

“The Bill brought to Cabinet will remove the upcoming November 20 deadline, meaning that the changes which were due to take effect from December 1 will not occur,” he added.