Councillor Gerry Coyle. Photo: Michael McLaughlin

Birds face a better winter than some north Mayo residents

WINTERING birds in Belmullet are facing a more comfortable season ahead than some local residents.

That's according to local Councillor Gerry Coyle who is unhappy that repair works on the sea wall at Bundoola have still not been done.

The works on the 'famous wall' have not started and he assumed now that the wintering birds have arrived, they are not going to be done this year, he told a meeting of Mayo County Council.

“It's unbelievable it has dragged out into October again,” he stated, asking when will the repairs be done.

“Those wintering birds are sleeping a lot better in Belmullet than the people who are worrying that their houses are going to be flooded,” he commented.

And he asked how a few people building a wall to keep the tide out of people's homes in some way affects wintering birds.