North Mayo electricity circuit uprate proposal to come before council

A PLANNING application in respect of an electricity circuit uprate in north Mayo is to be submitted to Mayo County Council.

EirGrid are planing the uprate of the 110kV circuit between Glenree 110kV substation in Bunnyconnellan East and Moy 110kV substation in the townland of Gorteen.

The company submitted a pre-application consultation request to An Bord PLeanála in respect of the project and the board has found that a planning application should be made in the first instance to the county council.

EirGrid set out how the current network in the northwest of the country does not have the capacity to accommodate the expected future renewable generation along the western seaboard and maintain compliance with the Transmission System Security and Planning Standards (TSSPS).

The proposed development is part of a suite of uprates being progressed in the region to aid in the delivery of future renewable generation and to alleviate some of the constraints on current connected generation.

The works would include replacement of just short of 14 kilometres of conductor (from 200mm2 ACSR with a summer/winter rating of 550A/643A to 430mm2 ACSR with a summer/winter rating of 935A/1102A including provision of a telecommunications fibre).