The headquarters of the Mental Health Commission in Dublin. Photo: Google Maps

Mental Health Commission publishes inspection report on Mayo facility

The Mental Health Commission (MHC) has published an inspection report in respect of St. Anne's Unit, Castlebar.

St. Anne’s Unit is a single storey building adjacent to the Sacred Heart Hospital in the town.

There are four single bedrooms and two four-bedded rooms, the latter with adjoining bathroom facilities.

None of the single rooms offered an en-suite facility.

There were three residents at the 12-bed facility at the time of the inspection.

Overall compliance increased by three per cent to 93% in 2021, compared to the rate at the previous inspection.

There were no conditions attached to the registration of the centre at the time of inspection.

The inspectors identified two moderate risk-rated non-compliances related to individual care planning and premises.

The centre was non-compliant with the regulation related to premises because ligature points were not minimised to the lowest practicable level, based on risk assessment and the resident profile which had changed in 2020.

In relation to the non-compliance with the regulation related to individual care planning.

The two care plans inspected did not identify appropriate goals for the residents; one of the care plans did not identify the resources required to provide the care and treatment identified and one of the care plans was not reviewed by the multi-disciplinary team and instead was reviewed by medical and nursing staff only.

Following corrective and preventative action measures, the MHC received a suitable response that the centre will take the required actions to bring the service into compliance with the moderate risks identified by the inspection.

The facility received two moderate risk non-compliance ratings, which the approved centre addressed promptly through the corrective and preventative process of the MHC.