Former west Mayo guest house acquired by The Housing Agency

An elected member of Mayo County Council has confirmed that The Housing Agency, a government body working with the Department of Housing, has acquired Augusta Lodge in Westport.

Councillor Peter Flynn has now called for it to be used as an interim home for Ukrainian refugees currently in accommodation at the Quay Community Centre in the town.

Augusta Lodge is a former guest house on the Golf Course Road with 12 lovely rooms which can accommodate over 30 guests comfortably, he stated.

Councillor Flynn revealed it is his understanding that the Peter McVerry Trust will be the key agency involved into the future.

In a post on his Facebook page, he added: "At a time when you can't rent a room let alone a house in the Westport area and when tourists are struggling to find accommodation, this is an incredible decision.

"I estimate the loss of the guest house will impact on the local economy by at least €1 million over the year."