Planning sought for green hydrogen plant in Mayo

PROPOSALS for a multi-million euro green hydrogen production facility in north Mayo have been submitted for planning approval.

The plant's location is in Erris, in the townlands of Croaghaun West, Srahnakilly and Bellacorrick, and it will produce hydrogen by the electrolysis of water.

Traditionally, hydrogen has been produced via carbon-intensive processes but electrolysis is a clean alternative.

The hydrogen produced on site will be stored there, available for injection into the transmission gas network operated by Gas Networks Ireland.

Constant Energy Limited are the company behind the project, for which an application for planning permission is now before Mayo County Council.

It includes the construction of a single storey process building of 13.3m height; 16 fin fan coolers of 6.9m height; hydrogen storage area with area of 4650m2; gas injection compound with area of 1000m2; two gas agi buildings; electrical substation with area of 2407.6m2; two substation buildings; raw water and fire water storage tank with volume of 879.6m3; pump house of 5m height; and water abstraction chamber with volume of 2.9m3.

The works also allow for the resurfacing, repair and improvement of the existing site entrance, a replacement bridge, internal access roads and associated grid connection works within the l52925 public roadway, and 12 parking spaces.

Documentation submitted to the council sets out how the development site is 6.51ha and lies adjacent to the Oweninny River.

The site has a history of planning consents for energy related projects. In 2011 planning was granted for a 200MW open cycle power plant. In addition, the surrounding lands are occupied by the Oweninny Wind Farm, phases one and two, which comprise of 60 wind turbine generators.