A volunteer cleans up the river. Councillor Michael Burke also shared a photo of nappies, tissue and excrement on his Facebook page.

Vandalism in south Mayo village 'grotesque'

DAMAGE caused in Cong over the bank holiday weekend has been described as 'grotesque'.

Local Councillor Michael Burke highlighted the issue on his social media where he called for the urgent installation of CCTV.

Councillor Burke commented: “Thugs, vandals, disgusting, there are lots of names you could label the filthy things that visited Cong this past weekend. The untold damage they caused is grotesque.

“Window boxes strewn on the street.

“Hanging baskets thrown in the river.

“Human excrement and toilet rolls left everywhere.”

Cong, he said, is one of the most picturesque villages in our country and this is down to the hard-working local people. They keep Cong in five-star condition all year round, which is the reason it is so popular with national and international visitors.

“These wonderful volunteers contacted me in total disgust and frustration.”

Councillor Burke added: “Cong has great private facilities for these motorhomes and caravans.

“I have contacted Mayo County Council to install CCTV immediately to prevent this ever happening again. I am also encouraging the gardaí to investigate the events over the weekend.”