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Scandalous: Homeless sleeping in cars, under bridge, in doorways in Mayo's county town

PEOPLE are sleeping in their cars, under the bridge and in doorways.

That is the reality of homelessness in Mayo's county town.

The bleak picture was painted by local Independent Councillor Michael Kilcoyne who told the monthly meeting of Mayo County Council the situation is 'just scandalous'.

He suggested that people 'who live in a different world' walk out and see what is happening.

"It is upsetting and appalling and it is not fair that anyone should be subjected to that," he commented.

Councillor Mark Duffy agreed that homelessness is creeping into every town and village where formerly it was a city problem.

Affordable housing scheme

Councillor Kilcoyne had requested an update on affordable housing in Mayo, where 800 people have expressed an interest in availing of schemes.

He had read that the council had made application for 50 affordable houses by 2026. This information had come through his letterbox in documentation whose source was an Oireachtas member.

They would need that number every three months to tackle their list, he suggested.

It was clarified that no application for an affordable scheme has been submitted yet, but a pilot project is being prepared for Westport and an application is due to be made within the next fortnight.