Aerial view of Inisraher.

Astatine brings renewed energy to Mayo’s Inisraher island

RENEWABLE heat and power specialist Astatine has given Inisraher in Clew Bay a renewed lease of life by offering its services, which are usually focused on large industrial projects, to help the small island become energy independent.

The project involved Astatine’s highly experienced management team and leading global supply chain, which specialises in implementing renewable heat and power solutions, installing a combination of solar power and a battery for renewable electricity, in addition to a heat pump to produce renewable heat.

Solar, batteries and heat pumps are an ideal combination as it ensures the clean renewable electricity produced from the solar panels can also be used via the heat pump to cover the island’s heat needs. Unlike the rest of Ireland over the last year, energy prices on the island have remained predictable and stable as clean energy continued to meet their energy needs, rather than being exposed to escalating fuel costs.

Thirty-acre Inisraher, also known as ‘Maharishi Island of World Peace’, is a place where guests from all over the world visit to practice transcendental meditation. The buildings on the island are designed according to the ancient science of Vedic architecture - which means ‘architecture in tune with natural law’ - and what is more natural than using energy sources which are renewable and powered by the planet?

Speaking about the goodwill project, Tom Marren, Astatine co-founder and CEO, said: “The very nature of Inisraher and the meaning behind its buildings made this the perfect place to implement our renewable heat and power solutions.

“It is a truly majestic island which attracts visitors from all around the world, and we are delighted to have transformed the island’s buildings into a place which is not only good for the mind and soul, but also for our planet and environment.

“It also creates an independent power supply for the island, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.”