Blake Joyce enjoying some special moments with his family following the premiere at Mayo Movie World.

Mayo student premieres short film

BLAKE Joyce is a third year student in Davitt College, Castlebar, and it is fitting that Davitt College has much to celebrate.

Blake is passionate about all things film and cinematography and he created a short film called ‘The Grass Trilogy’ which was shown at Mayo Movie World last month.

Just like Narayan Van Maele, a former student of Davitt College who has just won a BAFTA award for his cinematography skills with his short film ‘An Irish Goodbye’, Blake, too, is aspiring for great things.

‘The Grass Trilogy’ did not disappoint those in attendance. What followed was a rush of real raw emotion where the sole character of the film followed his journey from darkness to light, relishing the touch and feel of the luscious green grass outside.

The film has a multitude of many moving and powerful themes, which include the importance of the outdoors to promote positive mental health, positive thoughts and thinking; other themes might be the importance of seeking support and help in times of distress; others still may be that we are all one with this universe, each of us on our own personal journey.

This short silent film was five minutes in length. Short in length, but in no way lacking depth and profound meaning. The audience were left amazed, astonished and deeply moved by the intensity of emotion captured in such a short time.

The careful choice of music, natural sunlight, and nature at its very best were used to highlight the roller coaster of emotions experienced by so many on a daily basis.

This short film is testament to the talent and skill of Blake who clearly has the eye and more importantly the passion to create such a work of brilliance.

The premiere saw over 150 people in attendance to support this young man on his creative journey.

Those in attendance included Blake’s family and his many friends, Mr. Conor O’Reilly, principal of Davitt College, deputy principals Ms. Gallagher and Mr. Rowan, third year year head Mrs. Carey, Mrs. O’Donnell, Ms. Hoban, Mr. Tommie O’Malley, Ms. Mary Nugent.

Mr. O’Reilly read a congratulatory email to Blake from another former Davitt College student, Alan McHale, who is currently performing the role of lead tenor, Timon, in the musical production of ‘The Lion King’, which is on tour across the UK. This email meant so much to Blake and his family.

Davitt College is so proud of former students Alan McHale and Narayan Van Maele, who are enjoying their careers in musical theatre and cinematography.

Blake paid tribute to his wonderful sister Allie who was instrumental in helping him perfect his short film. He thanked his friends from Davitt College and beyond for giving their support to him.

Proceeds from the premiere will go to Enable Ireland, a charity dedicated to providing essential supports and services to children and adults with disability. Representatives from Enable Ireland were invited guests at the premiere.