Christy Moore Appreciation Night in Mayo venue

THE Appreciation Society is currently in its second season of unique music performances held at the Irish Folk Music School in Glenisland, Castlebar.

Each month, the music teachers will present their favourite songs of their favourite recording artists in their own style with a variety of traditional instruments, and there is a big one coming up this Saturday, March 18.

The day after St. Patrick’s Day will see an Irish-themed gig at the appreciation society featuring the songs and music of none other than the living legend that is Christy Moore.

A giant, a pillar and a totem of Irish music for half a century, there is no one more influential for the teachers at the Irish Folk Music School so it a very special gig for those involved.

The Christy Moore Appreciation Society is a one-night only event, so get your tickets straight away to avoid missing out.

As always, there is no alcohol at this event but freshly brewed coffee, tea and goodies will be provided.

Doors open at 7.30 and the gig starts at 8 p.m. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early for a look around the school and are welcome to have a go at the variety of instruments on show.

Limited tickets are available at: