Pól Seoige.

Mayo man's short film lands seven international awards

The Irish have yet again come out on top in the international film scene.

Mayo man Pól Seoige has produced and starred in ‘Butterfly,’ which has won seven international awards and is up for a further six nominations over the course of 2023, including ‘best short’ at the upcoming Toronto Short Film Festival which takes place over St. Patrick’s weekend.

Butterfly is a film produced and starred in by Islandeady native Pól Seoige (Detective Murphy).

The film has received international accreditation from Canada Short Film Festival to Cannes World Film Festival, with an impressive seven awards under its belt.

Notably, the film has won Best Thriller at World Cine Fest by beating off films from all over the world including the U.S, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Korea, Turkey and Australia.

Butterfly has received a further six international nominations, yet to be announced, including ‘best lead actor’ for Seoige at Lonely Wolf Film Festival.

The film centres around two detectives interrogating a hostage. As the interview drags on, something about the prisoner appears to be “off”.

Critics have dubbed it as ‘a truly skilful piece of filmmaking on multiple levels’ and ‘were left wanting more’.

Butterfly, written by John Paul Gauthier, focuses on two very close partners.

They hold an obsession with the law and the underworld. Madness then descends as we discover repressing your deadly desires is far easier said than done.

Speaking of his film’s success, Pól, Seoige commented: "It was so impressive to have something come together against all odds during the worst pandemic of our time.

"We worked so well as a creative team of writers, crew and actors.

"We are just so thrilled and honoured to see our movie reach such success in the international film scene, it’s my wildest dream come true’

Seoige has been ingrained within the TV and film scene over the past 10 years, he featured memorably on ‘Take Me Out’ with Paddy McGuiness and secured a spot on an episode of the iconic podcast ‘Modern Wisdom Podcast’ with Chris Williamson.

He also appeared in Mark Wright’s ITV hit ’The Gossip’.

Pól gained his first big movie set experience on the Wexford beaches for ‘Saving Private Ryan, whilst also featuring in RTE’s drama series ‘Fair City’ and ‘Rebellion’.

Seoige looks to a bright future as he sets to begin filming his next project ‘Journeyman’ about a troubled professional boxer who must choose between fame and money or love - soon to begin filming in Ireland and Canada, where he stars and produces for a second time running.

Simultaneously he is working with some of the ‘Yellowstone’ cast in ‘Bouncer Diaries’ which will be shot in Montana.

Mercenary Productions has unveiled the official trailer for the twisted psychological-thriller, with the full movie to follow in Summer 2023.