John McNamara Denis marked his 50th year sounding the Revéille in Dooagh, Achill, this morning. Photo: Dooagh Day Facebook Page

History is recorded on St. Patrick's Day in Mayo

A notable chapter of history has been written on St. Patrick's Day in Mayo.

John McNamara Denis marked his 50th year of sounding the Revéille this morning at 6 a.m. in the village of Dooagh on Achill Island.

It's a local St. Patrick's Day tradition dating back over 100 years.

The Dooagh Day Facebook page celebrated the occasion by posting a number of photographs from this morning's Revéille on its popular platform.

They were accompanied with the words:

"Well we hope you’re all up after the rousing echo of Revéille through the village.

"Congratulations to John McNamara Denis on the occasion of 50 years of Revéille in Dooagh.

"Let’s hope these young St. Patrick’s Day enthusiasts do as many years as John now to keep this tradition alive.

"A tradition since 1921 (may have to consult a Time Marches on to verify).

Dooagh Pipe Band paid tribute to John on the landmark.

"Thank you for your service over the decades and for making sure every year that it left the Wooden Bridge on time," the tribute added.

Another significant event being celebrated in Achill today is the 75th anniversary of the Memorial Pipe Band, Dookinella.