Free books to be provided in Mayo primary schools and special schools

Free books will be provided in all primary schools and special schools in Mayo, it has been confirmed.

Deputy Alan Dillon said the initiative will provide not only free schoolbooks, but also workbooks and copybooks easing the financial burdens facing families during back-to-school- time.

He elaborated: “This scheme will ensure that parents and guardians will not be asked to buy or rent any schoolbooks, workbooks or copy books as of Autumn 2023.

“A pilot programme was launched in 2020 which provided free schoolbooks to more than 100 primary schools which were part of the DEIS programme, in both rural and urban areas.

"I’m delighted to have seen this pilot project expanded to better support families and pupils.

“This ground-breaking, permanent measure will ease some of the financial burden facing families with the back-to-school costs.

"Around 558,000 children and young people, their families and their schools around the country will benefit from the initiative.

“The objective of the new scheme is about ensuring every child has the resources required to access education and also easing financial burdens surrounding the back-to-school costs which can be a cause of financial difficulty for many families each year."