Review a significant step towards developing west Mayo marina

IN a first significant step towards the development of a marina for Westport, Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions (GDG) have been appointed to review the environmental and commercial implications of a marina at Westport Quay.

GDG are experts at finding innovative engineering solutions to support some of the most challenging offshore wind, marine, and infrastructure projects around the world. With a foundation in geoscience and geotechnical engineering, their expertise includes foundation design, general civil infrastructure design, as well as environmental science.

This is following on from the ongoing engagement with stakeholders that the marina working group have been working on in conjunction with Westport Tourism Organisation since public meetings earlier this year.

As reported previously, this next step in the process is to update the existing development report for the marina from 2004/5, with particular attention on environmental screening.

The work scope has been drafted to include some specific feedback received during the initial discussions with stakeholders.

It is anticipated that the result of the review will be a clear, agreed and cohesive vision for the harbour.

A marina in Westport will ‘tick all of the boxes’ by providing the needed infrastructure. At the same time, it will be a significant addition to Westport’s and Mayo’s tourism offering. It will also provide the foundation for numerous jobs.

It is hoped this will help leverage the emerging blue economy sectors such as offshore energy and marine biotechnology to reinforce and support the more traditional marine activities such as inshore fishing, aquaculture and leisure in terms of investment and infrastructure to build a vibrant, sustainable coastal community.