President Biden sends 'thank you' letter home to Mayo

PRESIDENT Joe Biden has sent a 'thank you' letter to the cathaoirleach of the Ballina Municipal District following his visit to Mayo.

And Joe Biden clearly still has Mayo football on his mind, signing off: 'As always, Mayo for Sam!'

The letter from the White House to Councillor Mark Duffy, cathaoirleach of the Ballina Municipal District, popped through his letterbox today.

Councillor Duffy shared it on twitter this afternoon.

President Biden's letter

In it, President Biden thanked him for the warm welcome shown to him and his team in Ballina.

He said: “From giving remarks before my speech at St. Muredach's Cathedral to inviting members of my staff to Easter Mass, I deeply appreciate your kindness and hospitality. And thank you for all that you have done as Mayor to help deepen the partnership and strengthen the friendship between the Irish and American people.”

President Biden continued: “As I said during my speech, coming to Ireland felt like coming home - and that's thanks in large part to leader like you. Please give my best to Sarah. And as always, Mayo for Sam!'

In tweeting about the 'lovely' letter, Councillor Duffy said of President Biden that it was 'great to see he’s spreading the faith for Mayo this year!'