Jack Whitehall says he does not want to be like his father when he becomes a dad

By Hannah Roberts, PA Entertainment Reporter

Comedian Jack Whitehall has said that he does not want to turn into his father when he becomes a dad.

The Bad Education star, 34, is expecting his first child with girlfriend Roxy Horner, after he announced the news on social media.

During an appearance on BBC Breakfast, Whitehall was asked whether the news had enabled him to reflect on his relationship with his father, to which he responded: “I just don’t want to turn into him”.

The comedian is known for starring alongside his father, Michael Whitehall, 83, in the Netflix show Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father, which sees the duo travel around the world together.

Talking about the show, Whitehall suggested that his child could replace his father, once they have grown up.

He said: “I did think as well, by the way, I have had to retire the Travels With My Father brand because my dad’s getting on a bit now and can’t be bothered to travel around the world, but this could be a good way of rejuvenating it when my child is old enough to be a good sidekick.”

With new stand up show, Settle Down, touring the country, the comedian also revealed that he will be writing new material about having a child.

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Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner (Suzan Moore/PA) Photo by Suzan Moore

Whitehall said: “It’s weird as a comedian because obviously quite a lot of my life I talk about up on stage but I’m doing this show which is all about kind of settling down in my life.

“Then this is quite a big element of that so does it feel it would be a glaring omission if I didn’t talk about it (having a child).

“So I am currently now doing the beginnings of some material about having a child.”

Whitehall and Horner announced news of their child in May, with Whitehall posting a photo of them together on Twitter with a scan of the baby and a caption that read: “Should probably finally learn to drive now.”

With the couple’s baby due in September, Whitehall told BBC Breakfast that he and Horner are in the process of thinking up baby names, but did not disclose whether the baby will be a boy or girl.