Banking, and opening up an account, can be a complicated matter for people returning to live in Ireland.

Returning emigrants need support - Mayo councillor

LIFE needs to be made easier for returning emigrants accessing basic services such as banking and getting a driving licence.

“We don't treat them that well,” north Mayo Councillor Gerry Coyle commented at a council committee meeting discussing diaspora engagement.

He noted how if President Joe Biden came to Ireland today he wouldn't be able to get a driving licence without doing his theory test and sitting a test.

If he goes to the bank he'll be asked for a utility bill as proof of address even though he won't have one.

He may have been issued with his PPS number and corresponding card by the State but that was no good when you go into a banking institution.

The diaspora, when returning home, need to be treated better, said Councillor Coyle. They need to be supported in every possible way.

His fellow committee member Tony Deffley agreed, suggesting a 'Fáilte Abhaile' organisation to facilitate people returning to this country, to help them through difficulties such as those outlined.