Christy Hyland’s campaign against drugs in Mayo is to be applauded

DRUG taking is rampant all over Ireland, and Mayo is no exception.

Parents of sons and daughters who run up debts to drug dealers are threatened with the most dire consequences if they fail to come up with the cash.

Their cars are burned, their homes threatened with destruction.

Westport-based Councillor Christy Hyland has embarked on a crusade relating to the huge problem of drug taking in Mayo.

As a former member of An Garda Síochána, he has wide experience of how the law should be applied.

Councillor Hyland says stiffer jail sentences should be imposed on drug dealers who appear before the courts.

The majority of law-abiding citizens will agree with his point of view.

There are many people in this country who believe the judiciary are too lenient when it comes to drug dealers who appear before the courts.

The parents of young people who are caught up in the obnoxious web of drug taking are broken-hearted, sick with worry and grief.

Their feelings must be uppermost in the minds of decent people in all corners of our country.

Every effort must be made to lessen their worries.

This newspaper has reported Councillor Hyland telling a joint policing committee meeting about the sad realities facing some parents who have met the dealers and paid them off to stop selling drugs to their children.

That is the desperation parents find themselves in.

But that doesn't always solve the problem.

If that dealer goes away, another is ready and waiting to step up and the situation continues, out of control.

Parents, he said, don't know where to turn to.

There was a strong message for those parents and families who find themselves in this situation.

Reach out to the gardaí for support - they assure you of confidence and sympathy and will get you the support you need.

Councillor Hyland’s campaign must be supported by all in the community.

It is time to rid our country of the despicable drug dealers.

The sooner the better.