Lady luck shines on Lahardane as they beat Menlough on penalties

Caoimhín Rowland

Lahardane MacHales emerged victorious over Menlough in a nail-biting Connaught Junior football semi-final, that extended into extra time and ultimately a penalty shootout.

Menlough initially took charge, securing a commanding 1:1 to 0:0 lead within the first ten minutes, with Robert Hughes and Kevin Reilly contributing crucial scores. However, Lahardane MacHale's mounted a comeback in the first half, narrowing the gap to three points.

An intense, passionate marathon of football was characterised by yellow cards, tough tackles, and a high-stakes atmosphere. Extra time brought about a dramatic turn of events, with Lahardane taking the lead for the first time.

The score was level at the end of extra time, leading to a penalty shootout. Lahardane held their nerve, winning the shootout 5 -3 and securing a place in the Connaught Final. Key players, such as James Maughan, Shane Finnerty and Mickey Murphy, played pivotal roles in the Mayo junior champions win.

Eddie Conroy’s Lahardane MacHale's now look ahead to the Connaught Final with their sights set on further success.

Full report to follow in Tuesday’s edition of the Connaught Telegraph.