The reception area in the newly opened Castlebar clinic with clinic co-ordinator Lorraine O’Grady.

Enjoy the hear and now at Hidden Hearing's new Mayo clinic

CHRISTMAS is fast approaching, and it can be a difficult time for people with hearing loss, with many people only discovering the extent of their limited hearing when exposed to social gatherings and noisy environments over the festive period. Currently 10% of the population suffer from some degree of hearing loss.

Karen McComiskey, who works in Hidden Hearing’s new clinic in Castlebar, is encouraging people to book a free hearing test at their local branch.

“Those over 55 especially should have a free check-up, and anyone who has noticed a deterioration or less clear sounds,” the hearing aid specialist says.

“Hearing loss is a fact of ageing, like worsening eyesight. It is difficult to be part of a conversation, especially in a group, if your hearing is bad. Social interaction, enjoying the TV or radio, or just staying in touch is important for good mental health, so a simple, free check-up can be life-changing,” said Karen.

Karen McComiskey, Dip HAA BC HIS ISHAA, Hidden Hearing.

Never a one-size-fits-all approach

“We understand that starting your hearing health journey can be a big decision and can be an anxious time. That is why we always treat every patient as an individual, we listen to them and get to know them, to fully understand their unique hearing needs.

“When it comes to hearing aids, we only recommend the right one to suit the individual patient’s hearing loss, there is no one-size-fits-all, Karen continues.

“We offer completely free hearing aids under the PRSI grant scheme, and if the patient decides these are not the right long-term option for them, we can use that €1,000 towards a different, more suitable hearing solution.”

90-day money back guarantee

Karen adds: “To give further comfort to our patients, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee, which allows the patient to wear their hearing aids and experience the improvement in hearing in their everyday lives, before fully committing.”

One-third of people aged over 64 will have a significant hearing loss, with men likely to lose their hearing earlier than women. Once over age 75, 50% have age-related hearing loss.

Hidden Hearing is a specialist hearing healthcare provider that has tested more than 60,000 people. Its professional audiologists have the latest digital technology to promptly diagnose and treat hearing loss. They also provide earwax removal, which is a quick, common treatment for a deterioration in hearing.

Free sample hearing aids are available, as well as free aftercare including a lifetime of free batteries and complimentary six-monthly check-ups.

Castlebar clinic consultation room.

Book a FREE test today

Hidden Hearing offers free hearing tests and encourages anyone over the age of 55 or anyone worried about their hearing to make an appointment by calling 094 907 3333 or online at Patients should quote reference code B31A-1 when booking an appointment.

Hidden Hearing has upgraded its presence in Castlebar with a move to a new clinic on Hopkins Road in the town. The Hidden Hearing network extends to 85 clinics across Ireland, and more are planned.

The new outlet is in a former Elvery Sports shop and extends to 150 square metres, making it one of the largest dedicated high street audiology clinics in the country. The clinic relocated from Castle Medical Centre in Castlebar.