Call for rapid-build homes for pyrite-hit Mayo property owners

Recent reports suggest that pyrite issues are affecting up to 1,000 homes in Mayo, from Erris to Ballina and from Westport to Castlebar.

That figure, according to Deputy Alan Dillon, encompasses both rural and State properties.

He stated: "These homes are showing concerning signs and cracking patterns, suggesting immediate attention is required.

"This devastating development is forcing families to witness the demolition of their homes and to seek alternative housing solutions amid an ongoing housing crisis.

"Over the past year, a total of €94 million has been allocated to various local authorities across the country for the purpose of constructing social homes using modern methods of construction, including the rapid-build modular approach.

"Mayo County Council has submitted an expression of interest in delivering hundreds of rapid-build homes using modern methods and technologies.

"I have asked the government if it is possible to explore the use of rapid-build and modular home delivery as a means to provide short-term accommodation for those who are currently seeking housing due to pyrite-related problems in their own residences.

"I certainly feel this is a political decision that should be embraced rather than a decision for civil servants to make."