Kevin Hart says he saw ‘flames’ during plane scare in which he ‘almost died’

By Hannah Roberts, PA Entertainment Reporter

Kevin Hart has said he “almost died” during a flight in which he saw “flames coming out of the front of the plane” while it was landing.

The 44-year-old American comedian and actor discussed the incident as well as his new heist movie Lift, which includes scenes set on an aeroplane.

Reflecting on his real-life plane scare, he told The Graham Norton Show: “I almost died. We were landing and as we did the front wheel broke, and I just saw flames coming out of the front of the plane.

Graham Norton Show – London
Sofia Vergara and Kevin Hart during the filming for the Graham Norton Show (Isabel Infantes/PA) Photo by Isabel Infantes

“It was one of those moments when I thought, ‘This is it’, and I realised that if it happens I was cool with where I was in life. I didn’t panic.”

Speaking about his role as Cyrus in the new action comedy, which was released to Netflix on Friday, he added: “In this film I am an action star, you can probably tell by looking at my arms!

He went on: “We wanted a film that the world could gravitate towards.

“It’s my first leading man role where I am serious.

“It’s a proper thriller and for the first time I’m not responsible for the jokes.”

Discussing what it was like to film in Belfast, he added: “Northern Ireland was amazing and while I was filming, I was double-dipping on developing my stand-up.

Graham Norton Show – London
Graham Norton with guests Kevin Hart, Sofia Vergara, Jodie Comer, Alan Cumming and Tom Odell (Isabel Infantes/PA) Photo by Isabel Infantes

“I was performing in a small intimate comedy club with 125 people and ended up doing 40 shows because we were there for so long.

“When we stopped filming, I was ready to go on tour.”

Joining Hart on The Graham Norton sofa this week is Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara who discussed her Colombian accent and how it has affected her acting career.

She said: “There was pressure on me to lose it and I thought it would not be that hard, that I could do some classes and have any role I wanted.

“That was not the case – I spent a lot of money and a lot of hours trying and it would get worse.

“I would go to auditions, and it was horrific.”

Alongside Hart and Vergara on the BBC One programme this week is Liverpudlian actress Jodie Comer, Scottish actor Alan Cumming and singer-songwriter Tom Odell, who performed live in the studio.

The Graham Norton Show will air on BBC One on Friday, January 12th at 10.40pm and is also available on BBC iPlayer.