Mayo braces for blustery conditions as weather takes a turn

A change in weather is expected, according to the latest forecast.

Take a look below at what the weather has in store for the county.


The county is set to experience a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers, with some potentially heavy downpours in the forecast.

According to Met Eireann reports, Monday is expected to bring a blend of sunshine and scattered showers across Mayo. While intervals of sunshine will provide brief relief, the region will also contend with the impact of widespread showers, some of which may be accompanied by hail.

Additionally, higher elevated areas may experience sleet as temperatures hover between 5 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Winds are expected to play a significant role in Mayo's weather dynamics, starting off moderate but gradually intensifying throughout the day. From the west to south west, winds will increase to become fresh, locally strong, and gusty, adding to the blustery feel of the day.

As night falls, Mayo residents can anticipate a drop in temperatures, leading to a cold overnight period. Clear spells will dominate the night sky, offering occasional breaks from the showers. However, isolated showers may persist, albeit at a reduced frequency.

Towards dawn, cloud cover is expected to thicken particularly in southern regions, heralding the arrival of rain across the south of Ireland. Overnight temperatures are forecasted to range between -1 to +3 degrees Celsius, resulting in patchy frost and the potential for icy patches, especially in sheltered areas.

This change in weather marks a departure from the relatively calm conditions experienced in Mayo in recent days.