Kevin Kelly, chief executive, Mayo County Council.

Council remains coy on sale of historic Mayo hotel

The chief executive of Mayo County Council has revealed the rationale behind the council's plan to restore and revitalise the iconic Imperial Hotel in Castlebar.

Kevin Kelly outlined the progress made in discussions with a developer regarding the potential transformation of the historic site into a modern hotel.

"We have engaged with a developer about a hotel," Kelly stated, indicating a positive step forward in the project.

He revealed that another round of expressions of interest had been initiated, with several potential partners showing interest in the venture.

While some partnerships had been dissolved along the way, Mr. Kelly expressed confidence in the prospect of reaching an agreement to pursue the hotel development at the location.

He emphasised the significance of the project for the town of Castlebar, noting that efforts had been made to explore various options, including potential funding under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF).

"A preferred option would be a hotel, bringing vitality back to the area on weekends," Mr. Kelly explained, underlining the potential economic and social benefits a revitalised hotel could bring to the town centre.