Michael Mullen

A tribute to Michael Mullen, Mayo's champion of writers

Michael Mullen was a master words craftsman, Mayo's champion of writers.

With 35 books to his credit as well as an extensive catalogue of other written works, he was simply out on his own, a genius when it came to the art of transporting stories from his mind and soul to paper or, in more recent times, his laptop.

His style of writing was unique. He utilised words to very telling effect, his short sentences were not only easy to read but they lingered long in the mind of the reader.

Of course, Michael was a prolific reader himself, the room in which he wrote and contemplated stacked high with novels of every genre, but mostly history, politics and sport, three of the greatest joys of his life.

They were a mirror into humanity itself, first-hand accounts of people's successes and failures and how both fates were integral to one another.

He loved people, talking to them, brightening up their day and sharing his own experiences with them.

He particularly enjoyed the company of fellow writers, journalists, teachers and artists because he understood their way of thinking, always questioning, analysing and forecasting change.

There was never a shortage of words of wisdom from Michael, always well-intentioned. He always wanted the best for others.

A close observer of current affairs, both locally and nationally, he knew which way the wind was blowing in politics and society in general.

There was a time when Michael visited the newsroom of The Connaught Telegraph many times a week to gauge the mood of the town and county. He knew some of the best stories of the week did not always make it into print!

I fondly remember the first words he said to me when we first met in the old upstairs newsroom at Cavendish Lane, Castlebar, back in the early 1980s.

"Make yourself indispensable," he stated, good advice which stood me in good stead in my early career.

We will miss him dearly in this parish because not only was he a great and lovely man with an exceptionally brilliant mind and whose friendship we valued, but he was a frequent source of inspiration and guidance.

Profound sympathy to his wife Deirdre and family on their loss.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.