The Adult Mental Health Unit at Mayo University Hospital has 94% compliance - an increase of 5% on 2022.

Mental Health Commission publishes inspection reports on two Mayo centres

THE Mental Health Commission (MHC) has published inspection reports in respect of two approved inpatient mental health centres in Mayo.

The inspection reports - two of five centres nationwide - focus on the Adult Mental Health Unit at Mayo University Hospital (MUH) (94% compliance, an increase of 5% on 2022) and An Coillín in Castlebar (82% compliance, a 15% decrease on 2022).

Non-compliances observed during the inspections included two high-risk non-compliances for the regulations on premises and risk management at An Coillín.

The non-compliance at MUH last July related to the registered proprietor not ensuring that premises were clean and maintained in good structural and decorative condition.

Staff also didn't have access to education and training to enable them provide care and treatment in accordance with best contemporary practice, as not all healthcare staff were trained in basic life support, fire safety, and the management of violence and aggression.

An Coillín was inspected last September and resident feedback to the inspection team was largely positive.

Non-compliance related to some individuals care plans, the centre not being kept in a good state of repair, there was a lack of clear signage where CCTV is in use and there were also issues with fire doors not closing correctly.

The staff skill mix was not appropriate to the assessed needs of the residents due to the fact that there was no psychologist on the multi-disciplinary team, the inspection team found.

The Commission requires corrective and preventive action plans (CAPAs) from all services where non-compliances are identified, each of which must address each non-compliance specifically. The MHC monitors the implementation of these CAPAs on an ongoing basis and requests further information and action as necessary.