Scene from the short film ‘For the Love of Horses’.

Mayo film festival to host several premieres

SEVERAL film premieres will be showing at the Achill Film Festival in May.

This is the third year of the festival, which takes place from May 9 to 11, championing the best of local, national and international documentaries, animations, features and short films.

The line-up of premieres is as follows.

Irish premiere of short film ‘For the Love of Horses’ by award-winning director Vincent Monahan. Set among the backdrop of rural Ireland’s ploughing championships, this heartfelt documentary captures an elderly farmer’s dedication to preserving the dying tradition of horse-powered farming.

Connacht premiere of 'Trouble' by award-winning director Jonathan Shaw - a tense civil war drama capturing the fear and resolve of the Irish people for independence.

Irish premiere of 'Everything In Its Place' by New York Times published writer and director Tetsuhiko Endo. This intriguing film follows a grave robber searching for ancient bodies who unearths a dark secret in a bog in rural Ireland.

Irish premiere of 'The Vanishing Strings of the Andes by Sam Watkins. High in the Andes mountains, an age-old generational craft is on the verge of extinction; this is the story of Ecuador’s forgotten guitar road.

Irish premiere feature 'The Eagle With the Sunlit Eye', by director Ted Simpson. The White Tailed Eagle has been historically persecuted to near extinction but thanks to the work of conservationists, they are now frequently spotted again in the skies - but for how long?

And there's also the European premiere of 'A Bedouin Dream' by IFTA nominated director Tom Johnson. Nine-year-old Isra is proud of her Bedouin heritage and dreams of camping in the desert - soon, her dream might well come true. This film is suitable for all ages.

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