“Flog off Mayo’s Imperial Hotel to the highest bidder” says Castlebar candidate Donal Geraghty

Donal Geraghty, a local election candidate running for Independent Ireland, has sparked controversy with his bold proposal regarding the historic Imperial Hotel.

In a statement, Geraghty advocated for the sale of the Imperial Hotel to the highest bidder, citing years of neglect by the local authority and the need for decisive action.

"For too long, our local authority has purchased properties only to let them deteriorate," Geraghty declared. "The Imperial Hotel, a landmark of our community, should not be left to decay any longer. It's time for a change."

Geraghty rubbished the idea of creating a Land League Museum, pointing to the recent financial struggles of the Michael Davitt Museum as proof there is no need for a replica in the county town.

He called on the people of Castlebar to elect a representative who would challenge the political establishment and prioritise the interests of the community.

"Independent Ireland is a party of common sense, which is sorely lacking in today's political landscape," Geraghty remarked. "We need a voice like Michael Fitzmaurice here in Castlebar, someone who will speak truth to power. I am that person."