The busy Park Road in Swinford. Image from Google Maps

Traffic concerns on residential road in east Mayo town

RESIDENTS along Park Road in Swinford have long voiced their concerns about the issue of hazardous traffic on their road.

Although a residential area, the road provides access to Áras Attracta, the Robert McCallion Memorial Park and GAA grounds, Swinford Community Centre, Swinford MUGA Park, Swinford Golf Club and Swinford Amenity Park.

The road is also used by motorists coming in off the Swinford bypass via the Kilkelly Road as a shortcut going to and from Tesco, and there is also a children's playground in close proximity.

After canvassing Park Road recently, no one could be left in any doubt that residents, especially those with young families, are living in fear that a tragedy could occur, says local election candidate Antoinette Peyton.

The issue came up on almost every door step, she said, adding: “It is clear to me that the residents have a very real and legitimate concern and they should be listened to.”

Said Ms. Peyton: “Efforts to address this issue, including petitions, have unfortunately fallen on deaf ears.

“In the past Mayo County Council have expressed concerns about installing speed deterrents like ramps, citing potential hindrance and delay to emergency vehicles. That argument simply does not hold up considering similar measures have been taken elsewhere around Mayo and are common everywhere.

“If elected my top commitment is building safer and stronger communities for all. This begins with ensuring safer roads for all residents. The safety and well-being of our community should never be compromised.

“It's evident that this Park Road issue requires immediate attention before a tragedy occurs and to promote pedestrian safety. Implementing measures such as speed bumps, increased signage and enhanced enforcement would go a long way to reducing risk, giving peace of mind to local residents while preserving access for emergency vehicles.”

Collaboration between local authorities and residents is key to finding effective solutions that prioritise safety, she added.

Continued Ms. Peyton: “The issue on Park Road demands urgent action. By prioritising the safety of our community and investing in practical solutions, we can create a safer environment for all residents to enjoy.

“The lack of action on this issue also highlights the importance of Swinford LEA having a strong local voice. As a candidate for Mayo County Council, I am committed to championing these efforts and doing all I can to ensure that our roads are safe.”