Rural WiFi bridge connectivity gap in County Mayo

A CENTRAL Mayo councillor is working to ensure homes and business have reliable broadband to bridge the gap until a fibre line becomes available to them.

Councillor Al McDonnell, Castlebar Municipal District cathaoirleach, has welcomed an internet service in the area, Rural WiFi, an award-winning provider dedicated to enhancing connectivity in rural areas, including Mayo.

Councillor McDonnell has been critical of planners after a proposed structure in Manulla that would improve connectivity for over 1,000 customers in the central Mayo area was turned down.

“In today's digital age, access to dependable internet is essential for both personal and professional activities. However, rural communities often encounter challenges in accessing high-speed and consistent connectivity,” said Councillor McDonnell.

He welcomed that customers now have an alternative, saying: “Rural WiFi recognises these challenges and is one of many internet service providers that we are working with who are dedicated to providing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of rural areas like ours.”

Rural WiFi, he said, not only delivers fast and reliable internet access but has the potential to make a significant impact in bridging the digital divide.

One of the key factors that sets them apart is their commitment to providing comprehensive connectivity solutions - whether it's fibre, 5G, wireless, or satellite. The diverse range of solutions ensures that regardless of location or specific needs, they have a solution.

If fibre is not currently available in your area, they can provide an alternative package, and seamlessly switch the customer to fibre when it comes on stream. This enables customers to subscribe to a broadband service until fibre becomes accessible and then smoothly upgrade without any cancellation fees or contract disruptions.

Councillor McDonnell encouraged consituents to explore Rural WiFi's offerings by visiting their website at You can check coverage on the site.

“A dedicated team member will be available to assist you. Rest assured that they will guide you on the best steps to get connected while we await the rollout plan from National Broadband Ireland.”

Rural WiFi can be contacted directly on 01 211 86 53 or email