The former Castlebar Bacon Factory in Castlebar.

Call to erect plaque to commemorate former Mayo factory

by Auld Stock

CASTLEBAR bacon factory has been closed for many years but memories of the industry and its employees continue to crop up in conversation in the county town.

I have vivid memories of my neighbour, Pat McGreal, a big mountain of a man who was involved in the killing of pigs in the factory.

The McGreals were nailers by profession and Pat revived the trade during the years of World War 2.

Two great characters in the bacon factory were Brianie McAlpine and his son Mick, a noted wit. The McAlpine family lived in Moneen.

Members of the transport staff in the bacon factory included Jack Denning, Tommy Conway, Dermot Coady, ‘Boston’ Bennett, John Scully, Jimmy Foy, Joe Dunne, John Dunne. Tony Ludden, John Togher, Michael Gavin, Tommy Byrne, Michael Gavin, Knockthomas.

Paddy McGough, a fine Gaelic and soccer player, was known as the king of the sausage makers.

He succeeded George Horne, an English man. Tom Aird, Mick and Bill Lacy, Vinnie Garvey, Alan Fallon, Martin Halligan and Jimmy Clynes, Ballyvary, were on the mechanical staff of the bacon factory and kept the wheels of the industry turning.

Of course there were many more staff members in the bacon factory, including hundreds of women.

*I believe it would be a good idea if a plaque commemorating those who worked in the bacon factory was erected on the site of the factory. Obviously it would be impossible to record the names of all those who worked in the factory.

The date on which the factory opened and closed should be included with a tribute to those who worked in the factory. I am confident our local councillors would be happy to provide the money necessary to erect the plaque.