McGuinness dismisses criticism of Nina Carberry

James Cox

A former Fine Gael MEP and current EU Commissioner has defended Nina Carberry after she was criticised for her apparent absence in big debates and her ‘celebrity status’.

The former jockey, who is set to win an MEP seat in the Midlands-North-West constituency, has received criticism from other candidates for her lack of engagement with the media during the campaign.

Nina Carberry has also not made an appearance at the count centre in the TF Royal in Castlebar this week. However, she is due to arrive shortly.

Mairead McGuinness questioned some of the criticism aimed at her and said she would make a great MEP.

Ms McGuinness told Newstalk: "I'm not sure it has been said of other people who are not [yet] politicians, are you asking that of Ciaran Mullooly?

"You just need to wonder why you are asking that question? I think strategically Nina Carberry did interviews... she did local radio, she did RTÉ. But she literally concentrated on where people were, and she went out and reached out to them."