Mayo comedian celebrated by international rock star

Legendary Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks gave a special shout-out to popular Ballina TikTok star Garron Noone at her Dublin gig in the 3Arena on Wednesday night.

Nicks thanked the Mayo native, affectionately referring to him by his viral moniker, “Mr. Delicious.”

She shared with the sold-out crowd that a friend had introduced her to Garron’s videos, initially sceptical but soon captivated by his humour. “We have been laughing at him for a couple of weeks,” Nicks revealed, drawing cheers from the audience at a sold out 3Arena last night.

She went on to describe one of Garron’s well-loved videos where he makes a cup of tea, quoting him with delight, “And it doesn’t matter because you’re not gonna get fat because I am fat and it doesn’t matter and my tea is always good.” Stevie Nicks continued, “The way he says it is so hysterical, then he picks up a guitar and plays it.”

The iconic singer confessed her enjoyment of Garron’s content, adding, “I just wanted to say we have enjoyed you so much Mr. I’m Delicious. If we had a party, we would definitely invite you.”

Garron Noone, in turn, expressed his astonishment and joy on social media after missing the concert and the special mention.

“I can’t believe that not only did I miss Stevie Nicks, I missed her mentioning me and saying hello to me,” he said, sharing the clip of Nicks’ tribute.

“Stevie Nicks, an absolute icon. Stay delicious, you’re a hero.”