Residents have the hump over bumpy road

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018 6:47pm

Residents have the hump over bumpy road

The surface of Turlough Road in Castlebar resembles a pathwork quilt, according to angry locals.

RESIDENTS of Turlough Road in Castlebar have rightly got the hump over the bumpy public road serving their locality.

The surface has been dug up and patched up so often that road users can feel every hallow and protuberance every time they negotiate it.

"It's like what the roads used to be like back in the 1950s," one householder in the area told The Connaught Telegraph.

Now an approach has been made to local elected representatives to secure funding for a proper road resurfacing project.

Another resident stated: "Because the road is in such bad condition, the noise of passing traffic is exaggerated. It's a very busy part of town and vehicles coming down the hill towards the town do so at immense speed.

"The condition of the surface does not help a motorist's capacity to brake quickly. In fact I would say it's highly dangerous and a serious accident is waiting to happen there."

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