The Acoustic Yard Sessions

Tuesday, 11th September, 2018 3:00pm

The Acoustic Yard Sessions

Vickers Vimy play The Acoustic Yard Sessions.

ALMOST five years ago, The Acoustic Yard opened its doors to original songwriters in Matt Molloy’s Yard Bar, Westport.

Artists like Kelley McRae, Kevin Doherty, Brian Casey, Kathleen Turner and many, many more brought a fresh sound to Mayo which in turn helped to encourage local talent in creating new exciting music.

The Acoustic Yard Music Festival and The Acoustic Yard Radio Show on followed, with acts all over the world now queueing up to play at one of their events.

Now, The Acoustic Yard Sessions return to Matt Molloy's Yard Bar today (Tuesday) with Mayo-based band Vickers Vimy (pictured) and Limerick's Emma Langford - two great original artists whose recent albums Atlas of Hearts and Gentle Giant, respectively, have taken national radio by storm.

Vickers Vimy craft songs that dwell on the borders of folk and Americana. Rich eclectic sounds anchor lyrical themes of scratched vinyl nights and hazy Sunday mornings.

Emma, meanwhile, is imbued with the soul and style of Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy and Joan Baez. Her distinctive vocal style demonstrates a blend of Irish lilt with folk and jazz.

Come and enjoy these two fabulous original artists for a night of great music. The event is supported by Reel Deel Brewery and tickets are on sale online at for €10, with a limited amount available on the door tonight.

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