WRC carries out 98 inspections in Mayo with four cases referred for prosecution

THE Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) has carried out 98 inspections in Mayo so far this year with four cases referred for prosecution.

Inspectors of the WRC carryied out inspections of employer records with a view to determining compliance with employment rights legislation, Dáil Éireann was informed.

These inspections arose in response to complaints received of alleged non-compliance with relevant employment rights, legislation as part of compliance campaigns which focus on compliance in specific sectors or specific pieces of legislation or as routine inspections, which act as a control measure.

The aim is to achieve voluntary compliance with employment law through the provision of education and awareness, inspection of employers’ employment records and enforcement where necessary.

While every effort is made to secure compliance, some employers either refuse or fail to rectify the breaches identified and/or pay money due to their employees. These cases are referred for prosecution.

The WRC is an independent, statutory body which assumed the roles and functions previously carried out by the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA), Equality Tribunal, Labour Relations Commission (LRC), Rights Commissioners Service (RCS), and the first-instance (Complaints and Referrals) functions of the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT).