"The game is definitely a bit of a war zone" says Mayo ace Lee Keegan

MAYO GAA star Lee Keegan has spoken of his concern about the prospect of sustaining another concussion and how it could shape his future in the game.

Keegan is expected to make a return Mayo in the forthcoming All-Ireland SFC qualifier against Limerick, three months after the heavy challenge by Tyrone's Padraig McNulty which dislocated his shoulder and required surgery.

Westport man Keegan also suffered concussion in the collision.

In an interview with the Irish Independent, he said: “It probably is a bit of a concern. The way I play the game and the way the position is, you're constantly in contact," he explained.

"But if you go out thinking of that, you're going to pull out of challenges and so, I suppose, it can be just bad luck as well. If it happens again we'll have to really sit down and maybe assess where I'm going after that. I'm not getting any younger.”

On the issue of the injury, he said: "It was a concern initially. I did suffer quite badly that night with headaches and that. To be fair to Dr. Sean Moffatt put all the correct protocols in place for myself.

“That was another part of the reason not to be rushing back, not just the shoulder but if I got another belt in the head, then you're looking at serious trouble down the line."

In the interview, Keegan likens Gaelic football to 'a war zone' now.

"It's more like a rugby zone. The hits are heavier and the tackles bigger. Lads are bigger now and in better shape than when I first played. The gym wasn't too interesting for me when I started but now it's huge. The game is definitely a bit of a war zone over the past few years and it's evolved into a type of rugby mentality 'kill or be killed'.

"I have asked is there a need to wear protective gear. Really there is no benefit for it for myself because it's (shoulder) been well repaired up by the medical people," said Keegan who returned to full contact training two weeks ago.