Cutting at the lakeside cemetery in Castlebar

Concern over contrasting grasscutting approach in local cemeteries

A VISITOR to Castlebar has highlighted the contrasting manner in which two cemeteries in the town are maintained.

In her correspondence, the woman, who did not wish to be named, said she is a native of the area and always visits graves of deceased family members and friends during her stay.

However, she felt obliged to point out the difference in the upkeep of two graveyards within close proximity to the Lough Lannagh carpark.

She stated: “The small, lakeside grave is maintained to a very high standard, mainly due to the work of a local man whose keeps the grass in pristine condition.

“The man has a brother buried there and has great affection for the location.

“The same cannot be said, unfortunately, for the nearby Old Cemetery.

“The problem is that while the grass is being cut regularly, it is being done so with a strimmer and the grass is scattered all over graves and pathways. The photographs reveal the difference.

“It looks very unsightly as it has left a mess behind. I would venture to say disrespectful to those in their final resting place there.

“I think this issue needs to be taken seriously on board by the community.”

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